Cut-out templates for Nose Ribs

Today I cut out the templates for the nose ribs. Next, I need to decide whether to try a router to cut the aluminium or to use the snips. If I go with the snips I’ll need to glue the templates to bristle board and then use bristle board as the template. If I decide to use the router I need to cut out two pieces of MDF to sandwich the aluminium between and then use as a guide for the laminate trimmer bit.

Prepared Builders Log

Today I setup my builders log in Microsoft Access. I took a look at Kit Log Pro and it looked like I could do the same thing using MS Access. I enhanced my database so that I can have as many pictures as I like with each entry. The only issue I can see at the moment is that I may not be able to print two photos per page. If I have text and one or more photo the first photo shows on the first page but the next one is forced to the following page due to the space available.

Wing Rib Templates

Tonight I started working on the wing rib templates. Using AutoCad and the coordinate table contained in the Sonex plans I drew up the forward rib, SNX-W15-05. I created two versions of the template. One with the flanges to be used as a pattern for the aluminium blank and one without the flanges to be used for the forming blocks.