Control Stick/Triangle Installation

I need to make some changes/repairs in the fuselage. I discovered that I must have missed note in View H-H on sheet F01. Today I’m going to drill out the rivets and install them from the opposite side so that the control triangle can be installed.

Canopy – Tooling

Today I worked on some tooling to help with the final triming of the canopy. I found that the toughest part of fitting the canopy was pulling ┬áit into position along the fuselage sides. So, I made up some pieces of MDF that I could clamp to the sides of the fuselage using ratchet straps. The MDF ends up flush with the upper longerons and provides a surface that I can clamp to. I plan to clamp some AL angles to the MDF to hold the canopy in place for the final fitting before I start drilling holes. I’m also hoping that I can drill the canopy while it is clamped in place. I know a lot of builders use a ratchet strap to pull the canopy down into place but I find this distorts the canopy so I really want to let it side in place and just pull in the portion that aligns with the upper longerons.

Canopy Frame

Today I worked on fitting the front canopy bow and matching it to the windshield bow strap. I ended up marking the lower portion of the canopy corner with tape to limit the insertion into the side tubes. The upper portion of the canopy corner needs to have 1/4 in showing to place the canopy bow in the correct place. The final adjustments will be made next summer or next spring when I fit the actually canopy to the frame.

Hook Rail Assembly

Today I am working on the hook rail assembly. I went back and drilled the counter sunk holes in the tube for the two bolts which connect the tube to the angle. I also had to go back and mark and drill the 3/32 inch holes in the hook angle. I made up the aft spring clip and then installed it under the handle. I used a washer under the other end of the handle. Next I put the assembly together.