Closing Wings

I worked today at getting the wings closed. I completed the right wing and put it up on the rack and started on the left wing. I almost go it complete but I guess it will wait until tomorrow for the final rivets and storage.

Wing Inspection

Tonight I had the wings inspected by the MD-RA. Bill T came out and inspected the wings. He said they looked good and indicated that I could go ahead and close them up. Another milestone complete. Hopefully I can get them closed and put away this weekend.

Wiring Left Wing

I finished the wing wiring today by labeling and securing the wires in the wing tip area. I also tried to fix one of the rivets in the top skin. When I put the rivet in through the spar directly above the reinforcing angle for the tie down the rivet would not go in all the way and didn’t set properly. I drilled it out but in the process I hit the angle. I sent a picture and note to Kerry at Sonex who advised me that it will be ok the way it is.

Wiring the Left Wing

I finished making the remaining wire support brackets and riveted them to the ribs. I used my pneumatic angle drill to drill the holes through ribs. Once all of the brackets were mounted I pulled the eight wires required for the lights, through the wing lightening holes. I used twelve feet of wire for each. Once all of the wires were pulled I began installing the adel clamps to hole the wire bundle in place. Between each clamp I tied the bundle using wire lace.

Wiring the Left Wing

I worked at the wiring for the left wing today. I started by marking the holes for the harness support brackets. I had some of the brackets left over from the right wing so I riveted these in place. Next I laid out some additional brackets and cut them out. I drilled the inside corner hole to 1/8" so that I could trim the brackets. Once I had the brackets trimmed I used my bench sander to clean up the corners